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Formula One Craze!!

Hyvää päivää..

Hi peeps. Missing me already?I know its been a loong time since my last post. I just couldn’t do it and I keep on saving it for draft. Believe me, I’ve been through a writer’s block ( and I knew you too, right?) and I can’t put it into words whenever I couldn’t reach my laptop or my journal to write it on. I even get the ideas on a bizarre situation.

Well, currently I’ve been busy counting days for the next Formula One Grand Prix. I know it is got to do with something, and the reason I’ve been keeping an eye for this season is simply because….KIMI RAIKKONEN. Yes, him. Definitely him.

I’ve been his fan since I was in primary school, to be exact at the age of 10. And I really love to talk tons of stories about him but I guess this is not the right place. You just simply Googled it over and, tadaa.. there you go. 🙂

Well actually, keeping track for Formula One is actually reminding me of my BFF in primary school. She is the reason WHY I’m so into this sport and I never forget the euphoria of being the first to deliver the news for the entire week (it started every Friday and Saturday for the qualifying session and the big game is on Sunday). We always, I mean ALWAYS bragged about our heroes (hers usually Micheal Schumacher, and she calls herself Mrs. Schumi albeit he already married) and I myself will introduced myself as KIMIE RAIKKO SAKURA (oh, its actually derives from a Japanese name as I was so in love with anime).

Obviously she would pretend to be German and learn a few words while I, as you know Kimi are from Finland. Everybody knows us, especially our obsession towards this sport. Damn, I miss this moment so much. That is actually the reason WHY I love, and keep on updated with this sport.

Don't care the dirt as long as he drive.

Don’t care the dirt as long as he drive or ride.

And now its getting worst *for me*. I can’t help it. Well, I just don’t care which team would won the game as long as it would be Kimi on the podium or if he doesn’t, I don’t care less. What matter is seeing him, and his passion toward this arena, even if its WRC or NASCAR, its just the same. Seeing him dealt with every situation amazed me. Unlike him before, where he just don’t give a damn towards the media, even seeing him smiling is hard enough than a five minutes interviews. He don’t care less about the media attention he received and seldom smiling, and the ‘Iceman’  nickname given by people really describe him well. He is not being arrogant (I am not protecting him though, even if I do) but he just trying to be who he really are. Don’t blame him to be so blunt and straight-forwards and honest. But what really matter is the performances he makes through his entire career.
Now, he seems a bit different. I think its because the age factor that makes his ‘surrender’ towards the medias hunger for his stories and obviously his successful comeback to Formula One racing. He is such a legend. Not even Schumi can beat him.
Can you feel the hunger?

Can you feel the hunger?

He never stop driving. Never. And I know it very much as its his passion since he was 3. Well, old habit die hard right? Unfortunately this post is aren’t about him, it’s only purpose is the reasonable cause of me being ‘away’. Forgive me. It is not my intention to do so but I just can’t think straight. And I have to balanced things I should post and what’s not. You know we can’t simply post everything right. Everybody needs theirs privacy and I can’t risk my life for that. Enough already. I’ve said too much and I really hope of frequent visit to this site more often as I seems to neglect my responsibilities *just kidding!* writes for you guys.. 
Legend in their own ways..

Legend in their own ways..

And there is one more thing. I’ve been learning a few Finnish language that I willingly to share with you..It goes..
Hyvää päivää.
Minun nimeni on Idawaty Rosili. Olen kaksikymmentäkaksi voutta vanha. Olen malesialainen. Hauska tutustua.
Well I just introduce myself, and a few basic introduction. I hope I got it right as I try to figure it out myself through YouTube and FinnishPod101.com
 free course.
*And I don’t even ask Mr. Google to do it for me*
Till next time,
hauska tutustua