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Live live to the fullest.

This is my quote of the day. Have fun, darling..(^_^)

Live live to the fullest….

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Howdy everyone….

Howdy everyone.. It is just a quickie post. I’m stealing a moment or two from my limited time just to post this. Well, yesterday my college organised an outdoor and indoor games and activities for our co-curriculum subject. The games started at 9am until 11.30pm. Well in the morning is sports games, and my team played netball. It is our first attempt to play in the tournament and most of my team mates are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations and that is including me. Haha its kinda funny, though, even though we makes a lot of mistakes but we make it tillfinal. And actually we won second place after being badly beaten by our rival, those who had played till national level. It’s quite impressive y’all know.. And what most important is we enjoy the games.


Yeah, that’s us. I can’ write much here as I have a final project to finish. Wait till I let you know the whole story behind the scenes.

And during the noon session, there is a play competition too. The theme is patriotisms and sacrifices, and/or related to the history of Islam. Something in common. IN deed we did not won this time, but out team the only performers who played a thriller comedy compared to others. And we quite proud of it  *astaghfirullah* not that kind of proud okay.. 😉


Try to guess who is this actually?

Till meet again in the full cover story. 🙂


Idawaty Rosili Uni. Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus  

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