This is my third week of teaching. So busy, I couldn’t have time to write any piece. Now I’m trying to steal a minutes just to write this super-short post.

Before I went too far let me narrate a bit about my where-about this few month since my last semester. During my honeymoon,(while waiting for the practicum to start) I worked for about a month and half at Baskin Robbins and met new friends there. And on June 11th I begin my practicum in one of the most amazing school in Shah Alam and teach Year 1! Haha this so much a changeling for me as we are usually doesn’t encourage to teach Year 1. This tiny little monster really drive me crazy. But I definitely begin to head over heels with these angelic figure even though its not something that really pleasant to me as I have no experience in controlling kids (even my littke brothers are afraid of me).

But I promise myself that this is going to be fun and most remembered of all time, I’m sure.

Think I should stop now..
Till we meet again,
Teacher Idawaty
SKS 20, Shah Alam

P/S : Pictures taken from Cik Dayang..<3<3<3


Moment in time

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::Test Your IQ::

Well this is really short post. I am having final examination starting last week and would probably end until 10th of April. So there will be no post *except this one* as I am trying to figure out what happen to my WordPress. I always having this pop-up “Aw, snap” thing while trying to sneak peek my blog. Is there anyone willing to help me to sort this things out? I did try but something’s not working out. Not the extension, and of course not the malware problem. If there is anyone, I would be appreciated.. *smiling in tears*

Howdy everyone….

Howdy everyone.. It is just a quickie post. I’m stealing a moment or two from my limited time just to post this. Well, yesterday my college organised an outdoor and indoor games and activities for our co-curriculum subject. The games started at 9am until 11.30pm. Well in the morning is sports games, and my team played netball. It is our first attempt to play in the tournament and most of my team mates are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations and that is including me. Haha its kinda funny, though, even though we makes a lot of mistakes but we make it tillfinal. And actually we won second place after being badly beaten by our rival, those who had played till national level. It’s quite impressive y’all know.. And what most important is we enjoy the games.


Yeah, that’s us. I can’ write much here as I have a final project to finish. Wait till I let you know the whole story behind the scenes.

And during the noon session, there is a play competition too. The theme is patriotisms and sacrifices, and/or related to the history of Islam. Something in common. IN deed we did not won this time, but out team the only performers who played a thriller comedy compared to others. And we quite proud of it  *astaghfirullah* not that kind of proud okay.. 😉


Try to guess who is this actually?

Till meet again in the full cover story. 🙂


Idawaty Rosili Uni. Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus  

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By Fadia Bint Ismail

We’ll let me begin by speaking about Modern Times.

I’m sure many of you have heard family and friends either tell you or speak about modern times and how we should try to keep up with it and leave our old fashioned lives alone. have you ever heard the saying times change but Islam does not…this should be a constant reminder to one self that even though the world is changing and growing so rapidly you can barely catch your breath, that we should always remember that ISLAM does not change. think of it like this everything we need to know is found in Islam, Islam is the core to everything and Allah gives us this blessing through the glorious Quran which is a guidance for us all especially when we feel lost, The Quran helps us through our daily lives whether it be older times…

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If I could change I would…

Counting on days and months away.. I was hoping that I have enough semester break before June. I really want to be besides my family this year and I hope that I could celebrate Gawai Dayak festival with them. It’s been two years I can’t make it so I was hoping maybe this year could bring me some luck, it just before my practicum on June 11th. I don’t mind spending a week or two, just to be at their side. I do really misses them, a lot. And I don’t think I can bear it any longer than that. Lets just pray for me, please.. Ameen. 🙂

Well I know it is too early to hope for but I can’t find the cheaper flight to go back to Sarawak, in the meantime it is a festive season and I’m just dreaming to find a cheaper one. Sigh. I wish Sarawak is just a few yard away from Selangor *that is impossible*. Even though it is just an hour and 45 minutes away by flight, and three days by ship, I have no other choice. Well I have not heard of anyone using ship before, or maybe there is, but it’s rare to find.

Edroger and Julie celebrate Gawai at the border

Edroger and Julie celebrate Gawai at the border

This is one kind of Salako traditional attire for woman. I do own one when I was a little kid, but I don't know what happen to it by now. It kind hard to make it, my late-grandma told me. So sad I did not keep one. The only person who still own this clothing among our family is my father, because he was a dancer before (now I know where did I get the talent from).

Last two years, father and mother came over for Ed’s graduation in UiTM Shah Alam for his degree and I have few days spending with them before they heading back to Kuching together with Ed. I was so jealous because they few days later they spend Gawai near the border (our village its just a few hours away to Malaysia- Indonesia border). Ed send my lots of their pictures having fun there and called me like for hours, just to make fun of me. Okay, father once promises to bring me there but seems like it just a dream away. Father was kinda busy, while I don’t have much time for holiday since I’m furthering my studies now in Kuala Selangor. But I’m sure will go there someday.

Well, actually Ed gonna bring along his friend home so I don’t know what it might gonna happen. See, I owned a very large numbers of siblings and I can’t guarantee if there is enough space for guess (I don’t think we occupy guess room).  Oh, and yes the house is still under renovation. It is actually incomplete and my father has been working on it for years. Yes, we do hired people to do it but sometimes they take it for granted as they might be from our relatives. And my father are getting tired by fraud and spiteful glance we received from other people (I don’t know what it is for). Good Lord, I do not suppose to talk about this, I know but I’m sorry I can’t help it. Astaghfirullah al-Azim.. Forgive me Allah..;'(

Okay, lets get back to the story.

Someday I will introduce to you my family members. There is nothing to be ashamed of having eleven siblings (yes, eleven) and I am so grateful that I have them in my life. Frankly, yeah of course its kinda absurd to have such a numbers of brothers and sisters but as I moved on actually I could get used to it. And I am happy to have them in my life. And I am so thankful to Allah that He blessed us and keep us always in His grace. Ya Rabb, I am so thankful for what You have given to us.
Even though we live in different belief, (my parents and most of my siblings are practising Anglican) where my eldest and second brother, including me are converted to Islam *La ilaha ilallah, Muhammadur Rasulallah*,  we live peacefully and understand each other well.  I wish one day Allah might open their heart and eyes towards Islam, Insha Allah.. Ameen.

Hmm.. What else shall I tell you,eh? Oh, Gawai Dayak is only celebrated by the both Land Dayak and Sea Dayak only found in Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia. Well, Land Dayak would refer to Bidayuh people and Salako (Selako in Bahasa Malaysia) where else Sea Dayak  refers to the IbansWell, I can’t tell much more than that because its hard to explain (for me) as my family converted our faith from Animisms to Christianity and Islam, we don’t really practise it, only for culture purpose. For those who still belief in Paganisms or Animisms, yes of course they does. As for the cuisines, of course, nothing much change. Usually they serve tradition cooking, the most popular and an a must in every tradition occasion is Manok pansuhits a chicken cooked in bamboo and few other delicacies that is so fantastic yummy. I’m drooling for mother’s cooking now ..
One of my favourite of all time is umai – either it is made of jelly-fish or shrimp both are super-duper delicious! It is to be eaten raw–yes, uncooked! The preparation is simple and easy. It don’t need much ingredient but the taste is marvellous! There are lots of food to introduce to you but some of them I don’t quite remember the names, my apologise. But I can show you a few types of it. Enjoy 😉

Manok pansoh--made of chicken or pork and tapioca leaves

Umai made of jelly-fish are my favourite, it is crunchy and yummy. To be eaten raw and blend together with vinegar or lime juice, slices of onions and chillies to taste.

Umai made of shrimps and the process is the same as jelly-fish umai.Umai also can be made of fish fillet. Yummy! 😉

That is just a few. Well, for the dessert. Oh yeah, we do have hors d’oeuvre. 😉

Penganan Tumpik--It is made of rice flour and brown sugar (if I am not mistaken). Simple but appetising.

Penganan Jala--Just like the above, the main ingredient are always rice flour, and mixed with other (I can't remember). It is call fishing net because it does look like a fishing net. 🙂

Penganan Cacah--Also made of rice flour and brown sugar and a few other ingredient. Its kinda hard to make, and requires a lot of patient.The first are always imperfect. Key: Practise makes perfect! 🙂

Jiah Boro--It is called Alligator's Tongue, and I don't know why because I have not seen any alligators tongue my whole life. Just kidding.. 😉

Koeh Kapit--This is one of many version of Love Letters and I believe that this cookies is actually originated from China. But I just post it here as it is one of the most children favourite during festive season.. ❤

Now my favourite of all time cookies goes to…

Koeh Takuyung'k--It is called Kuih Siput because it does look like a shells. Siput means shell...

I made this cookies last year for Gawai, even though I did not celebrate it with the rest of my family but what most important is to preserve the culture . Islam does not change my race or my culture as long as I don’t have any conflict with Islamic laws and teaching.

Oh guys, so many to tell but I cant put it into words. I just hoping that one day if you could visit Sarawak, don’t forget to experience of Gawai Dayak season. Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festival celebrated in Sarawak on 1 June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion. The purpose of this celebration is to thanked the goddess for their fortune and it is usually celebrated after harvesting season. It is custom to drink tuak, an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar.

Tuak is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar usually drank on festive season in Sarawak.

I don’t drink this tuak but if somebody offer me, I just dipped my finger in the cup just to respect the culture without even drinking it. It contain prohibited amount of alcohol allow in Islam. It is quite high, depend on how the making of tuak are prepared. Sometimes it could be just sweet so the it is safe for children to drink, or it could be very sourly, depending of the fermentation process undergoes.

There is a lot to share but I can’t make it all in here so I might find other entry so I won’t be bothered by writer’s block whenever I try to write something new for my next post. I just hope that I can make it simple for you to understand. Of course you may Google it yourself if you wan’t to know more about it and I do have a few links to suggest if you wish to know more about our culture. Everything and anything, all you need to do is just ask. The folklore, traditions, remedies, it could be anything.

I think this is the longest post I ever write and i almost break my neck for sitting on this chair for quite long, and I have terrible backache. To add, I have consultation and micro-teaching tomorrow and I have only a few hours of sleep. I think I should be off by now. So see you in the next post, fellas! 😀


Idawaty Rosili,
University SelangorBestari Jaya Campus
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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What’s on your mind?

Howdy, peeps..

Tonight its kinda breezy and cold (its due to the raining weather) and a quiet night. I love peace and sometimes I do enjoy riots. But not tonight, please..

Actually I am about to study for my test this morning but I can’t take it no more so I decided to write a little, spend a little of time with WordPress and stuff.

Tonight I willing to share a bit of my biggest-dream-ever , that I wish it will come true. My deepest inquisition of all time right after I converted my faith to Islam. Though I may not be a good Muslim, but I always had this kind of intention of becoming a good Muslimah, faithful to my  beloved religion and the Messenger, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasalam, and be true to the only God, Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. 

I have a small talk with one of a muslimah  that I’ve known for several years she is the wife of someone-who-I-adore-the-most-and-respect, and I fond of her because she really inspire me to become a better muslimah myself. I had a chat with my friend in Facebook and we are discussing about his studying in  a religious school. He is currently studying Iqra and he is moving to level 4 now. He told me had a peace of mind there after a few month and so, and he even spend a lot of time with his mother before he continue his degree. I am so glad that he could managed to go to the school as I planned to go right after diploma but I have to move it until I finished my degree in TESL. I think I could spend more after degree, and I’m planning to study somewhere in Kelantan or Kedah, in a old,custom madrasah school where they teaches religious study. I really want to prepare myself with tauhid, feqah, and sirah of Rasullallah Sallahu ‘alaihi wasalam. 

I think it is time for me to catch up with everything that I had started. Looking back on my past life, I don’t think I enjoy so much as I learnt so many thing as I grew up. I turn 21 now and I suppose to act, or behave as a legit muslim, as what I oath Islam as my religion now.

I still remember when I was a kid, I used to learn so much about Islam and what makes me believe it is true religion, Islam teaches a lot — from how to behave as a good muslim, to what I should wear or even how I should dress up in front of ajnabi (opposite gender) and muhrim, and even cover a lot of thing which is based on a sharia. For me Islam is about discipline. It teaches its ummah equally. Islam does not oppress the people of lower classes and did not glorify the nobility. Islam never differentiates Muslims and Muslims claim also taught us to be fair and impartial in conducting worship. Islam is a way of life.

When I was a child, my ustaz used to tell us sirah before we off to sleep. Just like a parent who read a story books to their kids before they go to sleep. Sirah of Prophet Muhammad and His companions. Our heroes. Subhanallah, I really missed those moment. Always we kept it in mind, ‘O Allah, give our greetings to Your Love Muhammad, and his companions. Indeed, we miss at thy’. Now, it seems too far away as I am no longer heard the stories, and never perform prayers for Him, but always takes it for granted. O Allah, forgive all my mistakes..  I never meant to but I was too carried away by the urban lives and enjoyed too much fun. But deep in my inquisitions, I miss those moment — I used to pray together with all of the muallaf, recited Holy Quran together, perform tarawih and did a lot of things together as a Muslim. Now, as I enter college life, everything I did, I never put my Faith as the first choice. Seldom I think about Islam as the way of life. Astaghfirullah.. Forgive me Allah.. Everything I did was driven by passion. Istighfar.. Astaghfirullah al’azim.. Forgive me Allah..

The way a woman should wear.

I want to cover myself with an appropriate clothes, instead of wrapping my body. I want to be a better Muslimah.  I don’t want to burden people around me, especially people who have legit right on me, with my sins. And I don’t either people look at me as I have no dignity. I have my right to be taken care of, and to be protected. I don’t want to bring sin for those who look at me, wearing thin or inappropriate garment. I want to be a daughter, who is an obedient daughter to her parents, a caring sister to her siblings, a wife who pleased her husband, and an obedient servant to his Creator..

Everything I wanted I dedicate to Allah, the Only God of the Universe, the Creator and the Al-Mighty, the One who desires everything he want. May Allah grant me with all my wishes. My Only God, I have asked for too much. Nothing else matter, if its only for You.

Forgive me Ya Allah..

My prostrations just to You.

The Prayer.

I wish to be a better muslimah..

muwassafat tarbiyah

..and be a better Muslimah, Insha Allah..

I know the first step is the hardest but I will make it happen. Doesn’t matter if it takes time or not but I will figure it out sooner or later. All I wish is may Allah bless me all my efforts, and du’as from others too.. Insha Allah, this is what I wanted, and this is the way of life I have been dreaming of.

I am not asking for a highest place in Heaven, no, but all I wish is to be one who are kept her promises, and to be what I really wanted to be — a better Muslimah, Insha Allah.. 


My life, my Faith are all for You, o Allah..
Grant me with You strength to make it through, and to make it happen.
My soul, my belief are Yours to take.
Hidup matiku hanya untuk-Mu Ya Allah..

With love,
Idawaty Rosili
Selangor First State University, Bestari Jaya Campus

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MIA : for a reason

Howdy everyone. Yep, that’s my title. I know I have been missing for quite long, but I have a very good explanation for that. For the past few month back after new new year, new semester has begun right. Well, at the earlier I still managed to write a few but not after at the beginning of January. My class was a total hectic. My time table however, it is not that really packed as I though, but still I couldn’t fine a suitable time to write. Lecturer has gives us a pile of workload for the whole semester at the beginning of the semester (as you know how lecturer loves to burden us, even for a good course *wink*). Wow! That is just so unforgivable (actually it’s for the deed). But I don’t care. Now I don’t have spare time with my friends a lot like I used to in the beginning of the semester, my only time I have is when I need to sleep during hours before the class started (okay I lied, I sleep a lot ). Sigh.

The so-called hectic life schedule

I want my life back.

Okay that is so dramatic. There is certain things I want to keep it that way and there are reasons why I just this kinda like this new style of life, it is because..

#1. I make a lot of new friends after I attended a camp in Lipis (check out my previous post),

#2. I am able to spend a little of time with my room-mate a.k.a my best-friend, Intan Suraya Masron,

#3. I am able to make my own decision (I hate people telling what to do) seldom by my own willing,

#4. I know myself more than what people know about me. So my life, shouldn’t be bothered by them,

#5. I can be with myself more than before. I wear what I like to wear, behave how I want to, and pray a lot without ever being feel distraction. Alhamdulillah, I can concentrate more here than ever, Subhan’Allah walhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah..

What else? I think I love my new life compared to before. Even there is a slightest regrets and disappointment but I think I should live my life as I want it. It’s for my own good, as well as for others. Too much pressure but I think I can handle it. Now what I really wish, that I could pass for my practicum this year, and not next year. My bad, I admit, that I didn’t do really, really well on finals. I just too much pressure in deed. Allah, to Him I truly trust. I have been too carried away by the qada and qadr, until I forget that He tests His men to worship and to obey His command. I was too carried away, sleeping not knowing that I just been tested. Astaghfirullah

I have started a few steps ahead to make it happen. Now I tried to perform prayer as often as I could. Let say if I can’t find places to perform a prayer, I can use public musolla so I won’t have reason why I skip my prayer. I promise I keep it in mind always, as I know the first step is the harder. But I know I can make it someday. I am so envy with her, who inspire me a lot to become a better muslim. May Allah grant my biggest wish, to be with and to placed Him in the highest place among the highest.

Thinking about it make me really small in front of Him. So much thing I regret in life, and there is no way I can do it again. I want to be a better person. One step closer, and I can be Prophet Muhammad‘s ummah, for Him I could, Insha Allah..

Wakamaru wakamarallah..  Allahumma ameen..

p/s: Jaga niat, jaga solat, jaga amanah Allah. I can do it! Ganvatte!! 

Love and peace,

Idawaty Rosili
University Selangor, Bestari Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I wish that one day I can cover all my aurah Insha Allah, ameen..

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