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Game Plan

for years now i have been thinking that one day i could be a writer. and i have been reading and watching tons of stories and movies just to get my ideas of how my stories should go on and maybe get the general ideas how some dramatic events take place. and until now i had no idea how to put it into words. at first i thought it was easy, apparently not. so to all writers and authors out there, even a bloggers, i totally understand your pain. especially those who are having a writer-block because I’m having it now.

this is my first post for 2016, so ‘Yay!’for me. I don’t know how long i.m going to write but here’s the deal: i am going to write a story, not fully but this just a short chapter, that’s right, of a novel I’m working on. it hasn’t a name yet but still working on it too. this is more like an experiment for me and i’m praying that i could make it. this is my escape and i want it to be real. well, every successful writer has their own stepping stone and this is mine. i hope with this, i can achieve my dream of becoming one. to all my favourite writers out there, thank you for always inspiring me every day without fail. and my new-found bestseller author of Changeling series, James Fahy, you are my new-found hero.  Continue reading



Hi peeps. Good day everyone. Although its night already in Malaysia. Anyway this is a very short post. Its regarding my brother’s new solo art show. Anyone near are welcome to join. Full details regarding the show is on the website below. Feel free to read. And Malaysia, enjoy the show!!

Meet the new budding talented artist.

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Live live to the fullest.

This is my quote of the day. Have fun, darling..(^_^)

Live live to the fullest….

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This is my third week of teaching. So busy, I couldn’t have time to write any piece. Now I’m trying to steal a minutes just to write this super-short post.

Before I went too far let me narrate a bit about my where-about this few month since my last semester. During my honeymoon,(while waiting for the practicum to start) I worked for about a month and half at Baskin Robbins and met new friends there. And on June 11th I begin my practicum in one of the most amazing school in Shah Alam and teach Year 1! Haha this so much a changeling for me as we are usually doesn’t encourage to teach Year 1. This tiny little monster really drive me crazy. But I definitely begin to head over heels with these angelic figure even though its not something that really pleasant to me as I have no experience in controlling kids (even my littke brothers are afraid of me).

But I promise myself that this is going to be fun and most remembered of all time, I’m sure.

Think I should stop now..
Till we meet again,
Teacher Idawaty
SKS 20, Shah Alam

P/S : Pictures taken from Cik Dayang..<3<3<3


Moment in time

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::Test Your IQ::

Well this is really short post. I am having final examination starting last week and would probably end until 10th of April. So there will be no post *except this one* as I am trying to figure out what happen to my WordPress. I always having this pop-up “Aw, snap” thing while trying to sneak peek my blog. Is there anyone willing to help me to sort this things out? I did try but something’s not working out. Not the extension, and of course not the malware problem. If there is anyone, I would be appreciated.. *smiling in tears*

Howdy everyone….

Howdy everyone.. It is just a quickie post. I’m stealing a moment or two from my limited time just to post this. Well, yesterday my college organised an outdoor and indoor games and activities for our co-curriculum subject. The games started at 9am until 11.30pm. Well in the morning is sports games, and my team played netball. It is our first attempt to play in the tournament and most of my team mates are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations and that is including me. Haha its kinda funny, though, even though we makes a lot of mistakes but we make it tillfinal. And actually we won second place after being badly beaten by our rival, those who had played till national level. It’s quite impressive y’all know.. And what most important is we enjoy the games.


Yeah, that’s us. I can’ write much here as I have a final project to finish. Wait till I let you know the whole story behind the scenes.

And during the noon session, there is a play competition too. The theme is patriotisms and sacrifices, and/or related to the history of Islam. Something in common. IN deed we did not won this time, but out team the only performers who played a thriller comedy compared to others. And we quite proud of it  *astaghfirullah* not that kind of proud okay.. 😉


Try to guess who is this actually?

Till meet again in the full cover story. 🙂


Idawaty Rosili Uni. Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus  

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By Fadia Bint Ismail

We’ll let me begin by speaking about Modern Times.

I’m sure many of you have heard family and friends either tell you or speak about modern times and how we should try to keep up with it and leave our old fashioned lives alone. have you ever heard the saying times change but Islam does not…this should be a constant reminder to one self that even though the world is changing and growing so rapidly you can barely catch your breath, that we should always remember that ISLAM does not change. think of it like this everything we need to know is found in Islam, Islam is the core to everything and Allah gives us this blessing through the glorious Quran which is a guidance for us all especially when we feel lost, The Quran helps us through our daily lives whether it be older times…

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