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Life As We Know It

Hi, it’s me again, I know. So much for my happy ending. I thought. As always.  I know you totally have no idea what I’m talking about, So let us discuss it.

Remember that I told you on my previous post that I liked my new changes despite the ‘new hectic life’ as I called it. Well I lied. Not all, for God Sake. There are things that I often did to soothed myself or there are times when I started to blamed myself when things didn’t worked out. I always said to myself, or at least be an optimistic about what had just happen. I’ll take things for granted. Sometimes people takes things differently.

We hadn’t planned everything to happen. We just follow the flow. Although it’s silly sometimes but we gotta do it. Every tiny little things. That is life. It is pre-planned. Don’t question by who. Life is just like a book. Some even said that we created who we are. Indeed it is true. I remember I used to read lots of book. Usually we often read it from pages to next. But I happen to chose my story line. There are a lot of choices for the ending. Either you want it to be a happy ending or vice versa. So I go through the book, patiently. I carefully choose which page I wanna go next. It is so full of surprises and suspense. I turned to every pages, I thought I did just good. Since nothing happen. It went smoothly. I was just enjoying myself, but not for long. The story ends  tragically! I killed myself at the end. Well, it’s a thriller story and of course someone might die. But little did I know that I’m the one who get killed. I was so pissed that I go through the story again and again. So many ending but only one happy ending. So guess how many times I got killed in the story. But at last I can make it. Of course I read the whole story and I know every single pages. But to find my own happiness it took the whole book. I don’t regret making the mistakes whole choosing the where I go next, because I thought that it was just a book. I can undo or redo everything. But that does not applied here, in real life. Of course we can choose our own path but don’t know what comes ahead. Thing happens for reasons. And it is our duty to figure it out. We live for purposes. And it’s all up to us to make the decision.


Well, there again. I don’t know how to emphasise it but I hope that explanation will do to you. As I wrote this to sooth myself, again. I know it will get better and I’ll learn my lesson. For now, I just hope, not the best but better.

Maybe you still had no clue what I’m trying to convey here, but bad thing happen to me lately. And the only way for me to get though all this is by writing. I may not gonna tell you what happen, but It is nice to write something that I will read all over again so it won’t bring me down. And thanks to you readers, for spending a little seconds of your life time reading this piece of junk and perhaps willing to share something in return.My life wasn’t that boring and I wans’t a loner either but telling strangers about our problem sometimes soothing. They won’t spit on your face, at least. And they don’t know you either. So they might forget it in a few second. But a loyal companion, they stay with us come what may.

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Formula One Craze!!

Hyvää päivää..

Hi peeps. Missing me already?I know its been a loong time since my last post. I just couldn’t do it and I keep on saving it for draft. Believe me, I’ve been through a writer’s block ( and I knew you too, right?) and I can’t put it into words whenever I couldn’t reach my laptop or my journal to write it on. I even get the ideas on a bizarre situation.

Well, currently I’ve been busy counting days for the next Formula One Grand Prix. I know it is got to do with something, and the reason I’ve been keeping an eye for this season is simply because….KIMI RAIKKONEN. Yes, him. Definitely him.

I’ve been his fan since I was in primary school, to be exact at the age of 10. And I really love to talk tons of stories about him but I guess this is not the right place. You just simply Googled it over and, tadaa.. there you go. 🙂

Well actually, keeping track for Formula One is actually reminding me of my BFF in primary school. She is the reason WHY I’m so into this sport and I never forget the euphoria of being the first to deliver the news for the entire week (it started every Friday and Saturday for the qualifying session and the big game is on Sunday). We always, I mean ALWAYS bragged about our heroes (hers usually Micheal Schumacher, and she calls herself Mrs. Schumi albeit he already married) and I myself will introduced myself as KIMIE RAIKKO SAKURA (oh, its actually derives from a Japanese name as I was so in love with anime).

Obviously she would pretend to be German and learn a few words while I, as you know Kimi are from Finland. Everybody knows us, especially our obsession towards this sport. Damn, I miss this moment so much. That is actually the reason WHY I love, and keep on updated with this sport.

Don't care the dirt as long as he drive.

Don’t care the dirt as long as he drive or ride.

And now its getting worst *for me*. I can’t help it. Well, I just don’t care which team would won the game as long as it would be Kimi on the podium or if he doesn’t, I don’t care less. What matter is seeing him, and his passion toward this arena, even if its WRC or NASCAR, its just the same. Seeing him dealt with every situation amazed me. Unlike him before, where he just don’t give a damn towards the media, even seeing him smiling is hard enough than a five minutes interviews. He don’t care less about the media attention he received and seldom smiling, and the ‘Iceman’  nickname given by people really describe him well. He is not being arrogant (I am not protecting him though, even if I do) but he just trying to be who he really are. Don’t blame him to be so blunt and straight-forwards and honest. But what really matter is the performances he makes through his entire career.
Now, he seems a bit different. I think its because the age factor that makes his ‘surrender’ towards the medias hunger for his stories and obviously his successful comeback to Formula One racing. He is such a legend. Not even Schumi can beat him.
Can you feel the hunger?

Can you feel the hunger?

He never stop driving. Never. And I know it very much as its his passion since he was 3. Well, old habit die hard right? Unfortunately this post is aren’t about him, it’s only purpose is the reasonable cause of me being ‘away’. Forgive me. It is not my intention to do so but I just can’t think straight. And I have to balanced things I should post and what’s not. You know we can’t simply post everything right. Everybody needs theirs privacy and I can’t risk my life for that. Enough already. I’ve said too much and I really hope of frequent visit to this site more often as I seems to neglect my responsibilities *just kidding!* writes for you guys.. 
Legend in their own ways..

Legend in their own ways..

And there is one more thing. I’ve been learning a few Finnish language that I willingly to share with you..It goes..
Hyvää päivää.
Minun nimeni on Idawaty Rosili. Olen kaksikymmentäkaksi voutta vanha. Olen malesialainen. Hauska tutustua.
Well I just introduce myself, and a few basic introduction. I hope I got it right as I try to figure it out myself through YouTube and
 free course.
*And I don’t even ask Mr. Google to do it for me*
Till next time,
hauska tutustua

Howdy everyone….

Howdy everyone.. It is just a quickie post. I’m stealing a moment or two from my limited time just to post this. Well, yesterday my college organised an outdoor and indoor games and activities for our co-curriculum subject. The games started at 9am until 11.30pm. Well in the morning is sports games, and my team played netball. It is our first attempt to play in the tournament and most of my team mates are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations and that is including me. Haha its kinda funny, though, even though we makes a lot of mistakes but we make it tillfinal. And actually we won second place after being badly beaten by our rival, those who had played till national level. It’s quite impressive y’all know.. And what most important is we enjoy the games.


Yeah, that’s us. I can’ write much here as I have a final project to finish. Wait till I let you know the whole story behind the scenes.

And during the noon session, there is a play competition too. The theme is patriotisms and sacrifices, and/or related to the history of Islam. Something in common. IN deed we did not won this time, but out team the only performers who played a thriller comedy compared to others. And we quite proud of it  *astaghfirullah* not that kind of proud okay.. 😉


Try to guess who is this actually?

Till meet again in the full cover story. 🙂


Idawaty Rosili Uni. Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus  

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If I could change I would…

Counting on days and months away.. I was hoping that I have enough semester break before June. I really want to be besides my family this year and I hope that I could celebrate Gawai Dayak festival with them. It’s been two years I can’t make it so I was hoping maybe this year could bring me some luck, it just before my practicum on June 11th. I don’t mind spending a week or two, just to be at their side. I do really misses them, a lot. And I don’t think I can bear it any longer than that. Lets just pray for me, please.. Ameen. 🙂

Well I know it is too early to hope for but I can’t find the cheaper flight to go back to Sarawak, in the meantime it is a festive season and I’m just dreaming to find a cheaper one. Sigh. I wish Sarawak is just a few yard away from Selangor *that is impossible*. Even though it is just an hour and 45 minutes away by flight, and three days by ship, I have no other choice. Well I have not heard of anyone using ship before, or maybe there is, but it’s rare to find.

Edroger and Julie celebrate Gawai at the border

Edroger and Julie celebrate Gawai at the border

This is one kind of Salako traditional attire for woman. I do own one when I was a little kid, but I don't know what happen to it by now. It kind hard to make it, my late-grandma told me. So sad I did not keep one. The only person who still own this clothing among our family is my father, because he was a dancer before (now I know where did I get the talent from).

Last two years, father and mother came over for Ed’s graduation in UiTM Shah Alam for his degree and I have few days spending with them before they heading back to Kuching together with Ed. I was so jealous because they few days later they spend Gawai near the border (our village its just a few hours away to Malaysia- Indonesia border). Ed send my lots of their pictures having fun there and called me like for hours, just to make fun of me. Okay, father once promises to bring me there but seems like it just a dream away. Father was kinda busy, while I don’t have much time for holiday since I’m furthering my studies now in Kuala Selangor. But I’m sure will go there someday.

Well, actually Ed gonna bring along his friend home so I don’t know what it might gonna happen. See, I owned a very large numbers of siblings and I can’t guarantee if there is enough space for guess (I don’t think we occupy guess room).  Oh, and yes the house is still under renovation. It is actually incomplete and my father has been working on it for years. Yes, we do hired people to do it but sometimes they take it for granted as they might be from our relatives. And my father are getting tired by fraud and spiteful glance we received from other people (I don’t know what it is for). Good Lord, I do not suppose to talk about this, I know but I’m sorry I can’t help it. Astaghfirullah al-Azim.. Forgive me Allah..;'(

Okay, lets get back to the story.

Someday I will introduce to you my family members. There is nothing to be ashamed of having eleven siblings (yes, eleven) and I am so grateful that I have them in my life. Frankly, yeah of course its kinda absurd to have such a numbers of brothers and sisters but as I moved on actually I could get used to it. And I am happy to have them in my life. And I am so thankful to Allah that He blessed us and keep us always in His grace. Ya Rabb, I am so thankful for what You have given to us.
Even though we live in different belief, (my parents and most of my siblings are practising Anglican) where my eldest and second brother, including me are converted to Islam *La ilaha ilallah, Muhammadur Rasulallah*,  we live peacefully and understand each other well.  I wish one day Allah might open their heart and eyes towards Islam, Insha Allah.. Ameen.

Hmm.. What else shall I tell you,eh? Oh, Gawai Dayak is only celebrated by the both Land Dayak and Sea Dayak only found in Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia. Well, Land Dayak would refer to Bidayuh people and Salako (Selako in Bahasa Malaysia) where else Sea Dayak  refers to the IbansWell, I can’t tell much more than that because its hard to explain (for me) as my family converted our faith from Animisms to Christianity and Islam, we don’t really practise it, only for culture purpose. For those who still belief in Paganisms or Animisms, yes of course they does. As for the cuisines, of course, nothing much change. Usually they serve tradition cooking, the most popular and an a must in every tradition occasion is Manok pansuhits a chicken cooked in bamboo and few other delicacies that is so fantastic yummy. I’m drooling for mother’s cooking now ..
One of my favourite of all time is umai – either it is made of jelly-fish or shrimp both are super-duper delicious! It is to be eaten raw–yes, uncooked! The preparation is simple and easy. It don’t need much ingredient but the taste is marvellous! There are lots of food to introduce to you but some of them I don’t quite remember the names, my apologise. But I can show you a few types of it. Enjoy 😉

Manok pansoh--made of chicken or pork and tapioca leaves

Umai made of jelly-fish are my favourite, it is crunchy and yummy. To be eaten raw and blend together with vinegar or lime juice, slices of onions and chillies to taste.

Umai made of shrimps and the process is the same as jelly-fish umai.Umai also can be made of fish fillet. Yummy! 😉

That is just a few. Well, for the dessert. Oh yeah, we do have hors d’oeuvre. 😉

Penganan Tumpik--It is made of rice flour and brown sugar (if I am not mistaken). Simple but appetising.

Penganan Jala--Just like the above, the main ingredient are always rice flour, and mixed with other (I can't remember). It is call fishing net because it does look like a fishing net. 🙂

Penganan Cacah--Also made of rice flour and brown sugar and a few other ingredient. Its kinda hard to make, and requires a lot of patient.The first are always imperfect. Key: Practise makes perfect! 🙂

Jiah Boro--It is called Alligator's Tongue, and I don't know why because I have not seen any alligators tongue my whole life. Just kidding.. 😉

Koeh Kapit--This is one of many version of Love Letters and I believe that this cookies is actually originated from China. But I just post it here as it is one of the most children favourite during festive season.. ❤

Now my favourite of all time cookies goes to…

Koeh Takuyung'k--It is called Kuih Siput because it does look like a shells. Siput means shell...

I made this cookies last year for Gawai, even though I did not celebrate it with the rest of my family but what most important is to preserve the culture . Islam does not change my race or my culture as long as I don’t have any conflict with Islamic laws and teaching.

Oh guys, so many to tell but I cant put it into words. I just hoping that one day if you could visit Sarawak, don’t forget to experience of Gawai Dayak season. Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festival celebrated in Sarawak on 1 June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion. The purpose of this celebration is to thanked the goddess for their fortune and it is usually celebrated after harvesting season. It is custom to drink tuak, an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar.

Tuak is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar usually drank on festive season in Sarawak.

I don’t drink this tuak but if somebody offer me, I just dipped my finger in the cup just to respect the culture without even drinking it. It contain prohibited amount of alcohol allow in Islam. It is quite high, depend on how the making of tuak are prepared. Sometimes it could be just sweet so the it is safe for children to drink, or it could be very sourly, depending of the fermentation process undergoes.

There is a lot to share but I can’t make it all in here so I might find other entry so I won’t be bothered by writer’s block whenever I try to write something new for my next post. I just hope that I can make it simple for you to understand. Of course you may Google it yourself if you wan’t to know more about it and I do have a few links to suggest if you wish to know more about our culture. Everything and anything, all you need to do is just ask. The folklore, traditions, remedies, it could be anything.

I think this is the longest post I ever write and i almost break my neck for sitting on this chair for quite long, and I have terrible backache. To add, I have consultation and micro-teaching tomorrow and I have only a few hours of sleep. I think I should be off by now. So see you in the next post, fellas! 😀


Idawaty Rosili,
University SelangorBestari Jaya Campus
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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MIA : for a reason

Howdy everyone. Yep, that’s my title. I know I have been missing for quite long, but I have a very good explanation for that. For the past few month back after new new year, new semester has begun right. Well, at the earlier I still managed to write a few but not after at the beginning of January. My class was a total hectic. My time table however, it is not that really packed as I though, but still I couldn’t fine a suitable time to write. Lecturer has gives us a pile of workload for the whole semester at the beginning of the semester (as you know how lecturer loves to burden us, even for a good course *wink*). Wow! That is just so unforgivable (actually it’s for the deed). But I don’t care. Now I don’t have spare time with my friends a lot like I used to in the beginning of the semester, my only time I have is when I need to sleep during hours before the class started (okay I lied, I sleep a lot ). Sigh.

The so-called hectic life schedule

I want my life back.

Okay that is so dramatic. There is certain things I want to keep it that way and there are reasons why I just this kinda like this new style of life, it is because..

#1. I make a lot of new friends after I attended a camp in Lipis (check out my previous post),

#2. I am able to spend a little of time with my room-mate a.k.a my best-friend, Intan Suraya Masron,

#3. I am able to make my own decision (I hate people telling what to do) seldom by my own willing,

#4. I know myself more than what people know about me. So my life, shouldn’t be bothered by them,

#5. I can be with myself more than before. I wear what I like to wear, behave how I want to, and pray a lot without ever being feel distraction. Alhamdulillah, I can concentrate more here than ever, Subhan’Allah walhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah..

What else? I think I love my new life compared to before. Even there is a slightest regrets and disappointment but I think I should live my life as I want it. It’s for my own good, as well as for others. Too much pressure but I think I can handle it. Now what I really wish, that I could pass for my practicum this year, and not next year. My bad, I admit, that I didn’t do really, really well on finals. I just too much pressure in deed. Allah, to Him I truly trust. I have been too carried away by the qada and qadr, until I forget that He tests His men to worship and to obey His command. I was too carried away, sleeping not knowing that I just been tested. Astaghfirullah

I have started a few steps ahead to make it happen. Now I tried to perform prayer as often as I could. Let say if I can’t find places to perform a prayer, I can use public musolla so I won’t have reason why I skip my prayer. I promise I keep it in mind always, as I know the first step is the harder. But I know I can make it someday. I am so envy with her, who inspire me a lot to become a better muslim. May Allah grant my biggest wish, to be with and to placed Him in the highest place among the highest.

Thinking about it make me really small in front of Him. So much thing I regret in life, and there is no way I can do it again. I want to be a better person. One step closer, and I can be Prophet Muhammad‘s ummah, for Him I could, Insha Allah..

Wakamaru wakamarallah..  Allahumma ameen..

p/s: Jaga niat, jaga solat, jaga amanah Allah. I can do it! Ganvatte!! 

Love and peace,

Idawaty Rosili
University Selangor, Bestari Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I wish that one day I can cover all my aurah Insha Allah, ameen..

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A day without stress

Believe it or not I never left Selangor for God sake. It’s extremely true because I have very protective parents and they won’t allow me to stay too far away from them *you know I love you both too damn much I can’t put it into words* but I thanked them for what they have done towards me. I am so, so grateful that I have both of you.=)

Okay, so that is my parents.

What I willing to share to you, readers, are about my trip to Raub, Pahang last week (23~24 Dec). It’s extremely awesome and I really had fun with my all my friends. It’s first supposed to be visiting a friend’s sister wedding, cum touring around nearest area in Pahang such as Bukit Tinggi. Although it cost us about RM12 JUST for parking but it worth it and we really had fun. Wait, it’s not just fun. We really had a good time there. Even at first some of us had an argument about the changing in the plan but after all, no words can be explained later on after a short tour there..

Wait! I forgot to tell you something. On our way to Bukit Tinggi, we unexpectedly dropped to a stall selling the king of fruit; durian. Yes, we bought some *actually seven* of durian.

Some of them are tasted a variety kind of durians *there a lot of types of durian* before buying it. Finally seven are selected. =)

Well, we continue our journey. While my friend is driving, we who sitting at the back passenger are bound to sleep while the rest of journey took place. We awake awhile later after Intan Suraya woke me up. When I open my eyes I was at estrange place. It took me awhile to recognize the place.

It wowed me for a moment after I realize I seen a beautiful scenery in front of my eyes. I can’t believe it I was here! I made it. It’s Christmas the day after so I told my parent and texted them wishing Xmas a day earlier. But I scheduled it at midnight. A moment later my younger sister texted me asked did I knew what day’s it that day and even asked me to look over the calendar. I asked her why, and she replied; ‘It’s Xmas evelah.’

I almost going to break her neck but realize that she wasn’t there so I held it back. She’s so naughty I can’t put it into words!

Okay back to the main story, we went around at the lower part, which is mostly a lot of hotels in various kind of shape and plenty of duplicated world monument building such as the famous Rome wishing fountain *I can’t remember the name, the one that you threw a coins and you wish for something, and it will be granted*, a huge building or a kind which looks like a castle *actually it’s a luxury hotel* and of course, they have a decent hotel, much cheaper than the one looks like a castle. I can’t remember what its name *because I don’t even care, like I stay*

I love the scenery, especially when we hike upper hills and before that we make a stop at the car park. We ate our durians first, of course, before we continue hike up the hill. Durians always taste good no matter where you from *err, certain people can’t stand the smell as it too strong* but I loved it. Always. We enjoyed eating it, only then we started to walked up.

We when there, and what interested me most is the Japanese Tea garden if I’m not mistaken, was build there. The only one in the world, build inside forest. No other country has been built it that way *thanks to the developer for the unique idea* and experimenting various kind of Japanese houses. We stopped at a waiting house and it looked so beautifully made. What make it more interesting is the fresh air and the weather *it is so romantic* it fogged. The fog getting thicker and thicker while we walked down to the car park * I can’t see clearly* and it slippery. One of my girlfriend slipped on the way down and we must patiently walked together *as she willing to walked by her own risk* so we waited. She sprain her left ankle twice. She doing fine now, I guess.

Yeah, before I forgotten *I always forgotten* we took a lot of pictures along the way, during the wedding, before, after the whole things happen and I’m willing to share with you, readers.

Before I end my story, I would like to thanked everyone for making this worked for us, and making this things worked for me *I love travelling* and everything we had been though all the way, before and after the journey takes place. I really want to do this, always, with you guys and I appreciate it. You really rock my world.

I will keep on posting any updates of what changes I have made in my life, and I wanna thanked you, readers, for keep reading my post. Any comment are welcome and I will keep on doing the best out of my best.

Till meet again, xoxo

Idawaty Rosili

Uni. Selangor (BJ)

:: KAR04 ::


It’s been so long I didn’t update any news right. So much to share, so much happening and I don’t know where to start. I had promises a lot, I knew but I don’t have much time to write it all over here. Well, I did mention that I went to a camp last post aren’t I? I willing to share a bit of it, how does it goes and perhaps what is going on during the camp. I did enjoy every moment there and I didn’t misses any single activities carries by the organiser. So far the element that they try to blend in every task is obvious. It teaches me a lot, to show loves towards nation, my nationality, race, my Faith, my family, and most importantly to love myself.

We play a lot. The first day we arrived at night. Terenggun, Lipis Pahang welcomed us with its cool, raining night. It’s supposed to be breathtaking but I could not enjoy it much because I have to calm myself (I desperately need to go to WC). I could not bear any longer and I’m afraid I passed there. Luckily I don’t. Haha..

Well, I can’t remember exactly what we had done the next day but what makes it more fun are we doing night-walking that night! And what surprised are on halfway we got to walked on our own with guidance from the rope band and lights they placed all the way to the end. It is very tricky and adventurous. I had holes in my hand due to the thorns I gripped onto and I had scratches on my back (buttock) haha.. It’s extremely funny to remember.

And what I remember the most are we played paint-ball!! Seriously it’s totally fun and adventurous, tricky, not forgetting stunning. The war game is quite a craze to crave for because I do really loves adventurous activity. We played like a real war, trying to save our mates, and it’s quite a happening. With the bomb sounds, shots from various angles, it’s really looks like a war. I still remember what our tour guides told us; ‘shoot ’em till the last breathe’. We did. And the verdict, our enemies are having trouble with the bruises we caused. It almost a week now but the marks remains.. We called it as ‘affection’ from us.

Saying about affection, what caused us to bond together are we shared foods in the same plate, same foods. We cooked and we ate together as one. Everything we do, we must do it as one. One hurts, everyone feels the pain. We lived for six days as a family, treat everyone likewise. No boundaries.

So much to tell but I’m quite tire now. It’s the first week of the semester and of course, it’s a busy week through all the semester. I gotta go now, I’ll try to find times to write soon, ’cause I believe this semester might be tough for me. So gotta to plan earlier. Better late than never, ever heard? Haha..

Oh, but before I leave, there is something I need to confess and will be my next post Insha Allah.. Regarding my new 2012 goal. There might be some changes and I need to fix certain things about myself and I really hope it work and suit me very well. I need an adjustment to make before I reach 21 next year. With new, refreshing year to begin I wish Allah grant me my wishes. I won’t change must but it might be useful for me and for everyone around me too..

so, till meet again. xoxo.

Assalamualaikum.. <3<3<3

P/s : Actually I try to post a few pictures but I had none with me right now, and some pictures of insect that I allergic to, e.g. leeches (just to take a peak freaking me to tremble) and just to think of it makes me vomit. Ugh!*sick*