Game Plan

for years now i have been thinking that one day i could be a writer. and i have been reading and watching tons of stories and movies just to get my ideas of how my stories should go on and maybe get the general ideas how some dramatic events take place. and until now i had no idea how to put it into words. at first i thought it was easy, apparently not. so to all writers and authors out there, even a bloggers, i totally understand your pain. especially those who are having a writer-block because I’m having it now.

this is my first post for 2016, so ‘Yay!’for me. I don’t know how long i.m going to write but here’s the deal: i am going to write a story, not fully but this just a short chapter, that’s right, of a novel I’m working on. it hasn’t a name yet but still working on it too. this is more like an experiment for me and i’m praying that i could make it. this is my escape and i want it to be real. well, every successful writer has their own stepping stone and this is mine. i hope with this, i can achieve my dream of becoming one. to all my favourite writers out there, thank you for always inspiring me every day without fail. and my new-found bestseller author of Changeling series, James Fahy, you are my new-found hero. 


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