This is my third week of teaching. So busy, I couldn’t have time to write any piece. Now I’m trying to steal a minutes just to write this super-short post.

Before I went too far let me narrate a bit about my where-about this few month since my last semester. During my honeymoon,(while waiting for the practicum to start) I worked for about a month and half at Baskin Robbins and met new friends there. And on June 11th I begin my practicum in one of the most amazing school in Shah Alam and teach Year 1! Haha this so much a changeling for me as we are usually doesn’t encourage to teach Year 1. This tiny little monster really drive me crazy. But I definitely begin to head over heels with these angelic figure even though its not something that really pleasant to me as I have no experience in controlling kids (even my littke brothers are afraid of me).

But I promise myself that this is going to be fun and most remembered of all time, I’m sure.

Think I should stop now..
Till we meet again,
Teacher Idawaty
SKS 20, Shah Alam

P/S : Pictures taken from Cik Dayang..<3<3<3


Moment in time

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