A day without stress

Believe it or not I never left Selangor for God sake. It’s extremely true because I have very protective parents and they won’t allow me to stay too far away from them *you know I love you both too damn much I can’t put it into words* but I thanked them for what they have done towards me. I am so, so grateful that I have both of you.=)

Okay, so that is my parents.

What I willing to share to you, readers, are about my trip to Raub, Pahang last week (23~24 Dec). It’s extremely awesome and I really had fun with my all my friends. It’s first supposed to be visiting a friend’s sister wedding, cum touring around nearest area in Pahang such as Bukit Tinggi. Although it cost us about RM12 JUST for parking but it worth it and we really had fun. Wait, it’s not just fun. We really had a good time there. Even at first some of us had an argument about the changing in the plan but after all, no words can be explained later on after a short tour there..

Wait! I forgot to tell you something. On our way to Bukit Tinggi, we unexpectedly dropped to a stall selling the king of fruit; durian. Yes, we bought some *actually seven* of durian.

Some of them are tasted a variety kind of durians *there a lot of types of durian* before buying it. Finally seven are selected. =)

Well, we continue our journey. While my friend is driving, we who sitting at the back passenger are bound to sleep while the rest of journey took place. We awake awhile later after Intan Suraya woke me up. When I open my eyes I was at estrange place. It took me awhile to recognize the place.

It wowed me for a moment after I realize I seen a beautiful scenery in front of my eyes. I can’t believe it I was here! I made it. It’s Christmas the day after so I told my parent and texted them wishing Xmas a day earlier. But I scheduled it at midnight. A moment later my younger sister texted me asked did I knew what day’s it that day and even asked me to look over the calendar. I asked her why, and she replied; ‘It’s Xmas evelah.’

I almost going to break her neck but realize that she wasn’t there so I held it back. She’s so naughty I can’t put it into words!

Okay back to the main story, we went around at the lower part, which is mostly a lot of hotels in various kind of shape and plenty of duplicated world monument building such as the famous Rome wishing fountain *I can’t remember the name, the one that you threw a coins and you wish for something, and it will be granted*, a huge building or a kind which looks like a castle *actually it’s a luxury hotel* and of course, they have a decent hotel, much cheaper than the one looks like a castle. I can’t remember what its name *because I don’t even care, like I stay*

I love the scenery, especially when we hike upper hills and before that we make a stop at the car park. We ate our durians first, of course, before we continue hike up the hill. Durians always taste good no matter where you from *err, certain people can’t stand the smell as it too strong* but I loved it. Always. We enjoyed eating it, only then we started to walked up.

We when there, and what interested me most is the Japanese Tea garden if I’m not mistaken, was build there. The only one in the world, build inside forest. No other country has been built it that way *thanks to the developer for the unique idea* and experimenting various kind of Japanese houses. We stopped at a waiting house and it looked so beautifully made. What make it more interesting is the fresh air and the weather *it is so romantic* it fogged. The fog getting thicker and thicker while we walked down to the car park * I can’t see clearly* and it slippery. One of my girlfriend slipped on the way down and we must patiently walked together *as she willing to walked by her own risk* so we waited. She sprain her left ankle twice. She doing fine now, I guess.

Yeah, before I forgotten *I always forgotten* we took a lot of pictures along the way, during the wedding, before, after the whole things happen and I’m willing to share with you, readers.

Before I end my story, I would like to thanked everyone for making this worked for us, and making this things worked for me *I love travelling* and everything we had been though all the way, before and after the journey takes place. I really want to do this, always, with you guys and I appreciate it. You really rock my world.

I will keep on posting any updates of what changes I have made in my life, and I wanna thanked you, readers, for keep reading my post. Any comment are welcome and I will keep on doing the best out of my best.

Till meet again, xoxo

Idawaty Rosili

Uni. Selangor (BJ)


4 thoughts on “A day without stress

  1. pak abu says:

    untung la…pak abu dok kat hutan je..

  2. Fikri Yusop says:

    time nih pulak fikri yusop duduk rumah…=[

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