:: KAR04 ::


It’s been so long I didn’t update any news right. So much to share, so much happening and I don’t know where to start. I had promises a lot, I knew but I don’t have much time to write it all over here. Well, I did mention that I went to a camp last post aren’t I? I willing to share a bit of it, how does it goes and perhaps what is going on during the camp. I did enjoy every moment there and I didn’t misses any single activities carries by the organiser. So far the element that they try to blend in every task is obvious. It teaches me a lot, to show loves towards nation, my nationality, race, my Faith, my family, and most importantly to love myself.

We play a lot. The first day we arrived at night. Terenggun, Lipis Pahang welcomed us with its cool, raining night. It’s supposed to be breathtaking but I could not enjoy it much because I have to calm myself (I desperately need to go to WC). I could not bear any longer and I’m afraid I passed there. Luckily I don’t. Haha..

Well, I can’t remember exactly what we had done the next day but what makes it more fun are we doing night-walking that night! And what surprised are on halfway we got to walked on our own with guidance from the rope band and lights they placed all the way to the end. It is very tricky and adventurous. I had holes in my hand due to the thorns I gripped onto and I had scratches on my back (buttock) haha.. It’s extremely funny to remember.

And what I remember the most are we played paint-ball!! Seriously it’s totally fun and adventurous, tricky, not forgetting stunning. The war game is quite a craze to crave for because I do really loves adventurous activity. We played like a real war, trying to save our mates, and it’s quite a happening. With the bomb sounds, shots from various angles, it’s really looks like a war. I still remember what our tour guides told us; ‘shoot ’em till the last breathe’. We did. And the verdict, our enemies are having trouble with the bruises we caused. It almost a week now but the marks remains.. We called it as ‘affection’ from us.

Saying about affection, what caused us to bond together are we shared foods in the same plate, same foods. We cooked and we ate together as one. Everything we do, we must do it as one. One hurts, everyone feels the pain. We lived for six days as a family, treat everyone likewise. No boundaries.

So much to tell but I’m quite tire now. It’s the first week of the semester and of course, it’s a busy week through all the semester. I gotta go now, I’ll try to find times to write soon, ’cause I believe this semester might be tough for me. So gotta to plan earlier. Better late than never, ever heard? Haha..

Oh, but before I leave, there is something I need to confess and will be my next post Insha Allah.. Regarding my new 2012 goal. There might be some changes and I need to fix certain things about myself and I really hope it work and suit me very well. I need an adjustment to make before I reach 21 next year. With new, refreshing year to begin I wish Allah grant me my wishes. I won’t change must but it might be useful for me and for everyone around me too..

so, till meet again. xoxo.

Assalamualaikum.. <3<3<3

P/s : Actually I try to post a few pictures but I had none with me right now, and some pictures of insect that I allergic to, e.g. leeches (just to take a peak freaking me to tremble) and just to think of it makes me vomit. Ugh!*sick*


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