A vacation I can’t never forget


Hi everyone.. Welcome home for me and welcome to you to readers who sincerely follow me. A gratitude appreciation to you! (“,) *round of applause*

Well, I just went back after a short vacation with my friends in Tapah, Perak Darul Ridzuan. It’s very interesting and entertaining because we really had our good times there and everybody deserved a well-good-rest because we still had 2 papers (3 for me) to sit and we really need a break! Examination week could be very exhausting and frustrating because we can’t help the tension we get after a long hour studying. I think I can do better this time. Besides, it’s a moment we couldn’t forget. There is a lot to talk about but I’m afraid I can’t stay up any longer. I’m very, very in need my nap now after a long hours on the road. I promise I will tell you every second things that happen during our vacation.

I really miss you guys but I really had to go. I’m sure I will find some times to write to you, just keep my word, okay. [-_-]’

Here I post some of pictures I had taken from my friend because I couldn’t transfer it from my phone. Hope you enjoy this one while I upload the rest later. (“,)

This pictures had been taken at Cameron Highland, Pahang.

Till meet again. xoxo


One thought on “A vacation I can’t never forget

  1. Oh, BTW its 4, not 3..apologize… <3<3<3

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