Too Far Away Too Far Too Long

Well, I’m back again.For a reason–I can’t sleep. Na ah, not nervous. I have enough sleep during daytime, and I don’t think I occupy one.

I don’t know why I’m so focus writing this piece of crap while knowing I-better-read-someone-pieces-of-work. I mean, look. I don’t even know how to begin and I don’t know exactly what on earth am I doing here wasting my time still writing stuff. I don’t know. I just love to write. I know it amuse you,readers but its a piece of work too. Look what if click the ‘Publish’ button and for sure you might be reading it. Yeah, its that easy!

Okay before I when any further babbling about nothing lets begin with the result I get after blogwalking (I hate it when the grammar indicator starts to change colour saying I got it wrong spell, its a new term you fool!), I bump to a few bloggers (not again?) site which currently busy mending broken. A lot of them telling about their lovers or just maybe writing something which in another words appreciating their better half (they say).  Well, I do respect their writing. Everyone deserved to say anything. Its a trend nowadays.. Blogspot or any form of writing tools became the medium of writing though and no offence everyone is trying their best to show their affection.

Wait! I said too much already and its morning. I have not taken a nap yet. I have an appointment at 11 so got to refresh myself with a super-short nap.

Till meet again. xoxo

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