Game Plan

for years now i have been thinking that one day i could be a writer. and i have been reading and watching tons of stories and movies just to get my ideas of how my stories should go on and maybe get the general ideas how some dramatic events take place. and until now i had no idea how to put it into words. at first i thought it was easy, apparently not. so to all writers and authors out there, even a bloggers, i totally understand your pain. especially those who are having a writer-block because I’m having it now.

this is my first post for 2016, so ‘Yay!’for me. I don’t know how long i.m going to write but here’s the deal: i am going to write a story, not fully but this just a short chapter, that’s right, of a novel I’m working on. it hasn’t a name yet but still working on it too. this is more like an experiment for me and i’m praying that i could make it. this is my escape and i want it to be real. well, every successful writer has their own stepping stone and this is mine. i hope with this, i can achieve my dream of becoming one. to all my favourite writers out there, thank you for always inspiring me every day without fail. and my new-found bestseller author of Changeling series, James Fahy, you are my new-found hero.  Continue reading



Hi peeps. Good day everyone. Although its night already in Malaysia. Anyway this is a very short post. Its regarding my brother’s new solo art show. Anyone near are welcome to join. Full details regarding the show is on the website below. Feel free to read. And Malaysia, enjoy the show!!

Meet the new budding talented artist.

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Life As We Know It

Hi, it’s me again, I know. So much for my happy ending. I thought. As always.  I know you totally have no idea what I’m talking about, So let us discuss it.

Remember that I told you on my previous post that I liked my new changes despite the ‘new hectic life’ as I called it. Well I lied. Not all, for God Sake. There are things that I often did to soothed myself or there are times when I started to blamed myself when things didn’t worked out. I always said to myself, or at least be an optimistic about what had just happen. I’ll take things for granted. Sometimes people takes things differently.

We hadn’t planned everything to happen. We just follow the flow. Although it’s silly sometimes but we gotta do it. Every tiny little things. That is life. It is pre-planned. Don’t question by who. Life is just like a book. Some even said that we created who we are. Indeed it is true. I remember I used to read lots of book. Usually we often read it from pages to next. But I happen to chose my story line. There are a lot of choices for the ending. Either you want it to be a happy ending or vice versa. So I go through the book, patiently. I carefully choose which page I wanna go next. It is so full of surprises and suspense. I turned to every pages, I thought I did just good. Since nothing happen. It went smoothly. I was just enjoying myself, but not for long. The story ends  tragically! I killed myself at the end. Well, it’s a thriller story and of course someone might die. But little did I know that I’m the one who get killed. I was so pissed that I go through the story again and again. So many ending but only one happy ending. So guess how many times I got killed in the story. But at last I can make it. Of course I read the whole story and I know every single pages. But to find my own happiness it took the whole book. I don’t regret making the mistakes whole choosing the where I go next, because I thought that it was just a book. I can undo or redo everything. But that does not applied here, in real life. Of course we can choose our own path but don’t know what comes ahead. Thing happens for reasons. And it is our duty to figure it out. We live for purposes. And it’s all up to us to make the decision.


Well, there again. I don’t know how to emphasise it but I hope that explanation will do to you. As I wrote this to sooth myself, again. I know it will get better and I’ll learn my lesson. For now, I just hope, not the best but better.

Maybe you still had no clue what I’m trying to convey here, but bad thing happen to me lately. And the only way for me to get though all this is by writing. I may not gonna tell you what happen, but It is nice to write something that I will read all over again so it won’t bring me down. And thanks to you readers, for spending a little seconds of your life time reading this piece of junk and perhaps willing to share something in return.My life wasn’t that boring and I wans’t a loner either but telling strangers about our problem sometimes soothing. They won’t spit on your face, at least. And they don’t know you either. So they might forget it in a few second. But a loyal companion, they stay with us come what may.

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Hi again.. It has been more month I guess since my last post about Kimi Raikkonen. Never been better. It’s 19 July. It’s my sister, Eliza’s birthday. Happy 13th birthday darling. May God bless you always and be healthy. Hopefully you are doing good at school. I may gonna call home tonight. My brother and sisters will be back from boarding school today.

It’s not just her birth date, but it’s Grandma’s 3rd year anniversary since she left us. We never celebrate her birthdays since then. Poor girl. It is not her to blame, but we are too grieving even to think about it. Sorry girl.. The wound too deep to heal.

I am sorry Grandma, but I never prepared to lose you. My memories full of you by my side. You raise me, cooked and fed me, bathed me, and you even sung for me to sleep. How can I forget you when my childhood surrounded by you. How can I ever stop thinking or reminisce about you when you are the one who ever pampered us till we’re grown up. How I wish I never left you in the first place so I will stay with you much longer. I know I do sound greed and I can’t change everything. At least I have much more time with her than my younger brothers and sisters. I’m just being greedy.

And the person who love her the most is Mom and Grandpa. Mom is their only child they had before adopting another two son. But they hid it well. How can I say, she took care of us with love. I wasn’t by her side when she left us. She left me after four days I turned 19. But I was there a fortnight before. I accompanied her in the hospital although I had a high fever right after I got back from the hospital. Gosh, I really missed her. I miss to listen to her sing songs for me, recite folklores, and I even miss holding her hand. I miss to hear her lecture, her advices, her smile. I miss kissing her cheek, I miss everything about her. God, I wish I could turn back time. I wanna be with her. Always.

Grandma, I know you heard me up there. And I know that you will always love us just the way you always did. And I am sorry if I ever done anything wrong. I am really, really sorry. I will never forget what you have said and I will keep it with me, always. Deep, bottom of my heart, you will always, always alive in my heart. Forget us not, our beloved Nightingale.. I always pray that you will always stay in our heart.

Rest in peace, Nightingale.. God bless your soul.

my lovely nightingle..i miss u


Dalam dakapan senja
Ku renungi sinar matamu
Berat rasa melepaskan
Dikau pergi

Dingin hembusan bayu
Lemah longlai langkah kakimu
Lambaianmu kian jauh
Dari mata

Bencana menimpa
Kau telah pergi untuk selamanya
Tak kembali

Pada saat terakhir
Ku melihat paras wajahmu
Kau bisikkan hanya sayang

Bencana menimpa
Kau telah pergi untuk selamanya
Tak kembali

Pada saat terakhir
Ku melihat paras wajahmu
Kau bisikkan hanya sayang

Iceman : The real man behind the wheels

I took this articles in conjunction of my previous post about Kimi Raikkonen. This is almost full detail about him personally and I love every words this writer put it into words. Gosh…I’m so in love with this hunk. <3<3<3You will never know if you don't read or explore yourself. Fascinating.

You will never know if you don’t read or explore yourself. Fascinating.


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This feature contains some old and some recent quotes from Kimi’s mother and his brother Rami, still a nice read…

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Malaysian Grand Prix - Practice Day - Sepang, Malaysia

There are few more mysterious men in the Formula 1 paddock – or indeed the sporting world – than Kimi Räikkönen. So, just who is the Iceman? We spoke to some of his closest companions to dig a little deeper…

Iceman – the nickname given to Kimi Räikkönen by Ron Dennis at the beginning of the 2002 season – suits the 2007 Formula 1 World Champion perfectly.

The Finnish star is most likely the coolest guy in Formula 1… ever. There is nothing that really makes him upset, angry or happy for more than fifteen minutes or so. Kimi is quick to put everything behind him. The cool nature is innate.

Kimi’s mother Paula remembers him only once being very nervous and losing his cool outlook…

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Formula One Craze!!

Hyvää päivää..

Hi peeps. Missing me already?I know its been a loong time since my last post. I just couldn’t do it and I keep on saving it for draft. Believe me, I’ve been through a writer’s block ( and I knew you too, right?) and I can’t put it into words whenever I couldn’t reach my laptop or my journal to write it on. I even get the ideas on a bizarre situation.

Well, currently I’ve been busy counting days for the next Formula One Grand Prix. I know it is got to do with something, and the reason I’ve been keeping an eye for this season is simply because….KIMI RAIKKONEN. Yes, him. Definitely him.

I’ve been his fan since I was in primary school, to be exact at the age of 10. And I really love to talk tons of stories about him but I guess this is not the right place. You just simply Googled it over and, tadaa.. there you go. 🙂

Well actually, keeping track for Formula One is actually reminding me of my BFF in primary school. She is the reason WHY I’m so into this sport and I never forget the euphoria of being the first to deliver the news for the entire week (it started every Friday and Saturday for the qualifying session and the big game is on Sunday). We always, I mean ALWAYS bragged about our heroes (hers usually Micheal Schumacher, and she calls herself Mrs. Schumi albeit he already married) and I myself will introduced myself as KIMIE RAIKKO SAKURA (oh, its actually derives from a Japanese name as I was so in love with anime).

Obviously she would pretend to be German and learn a few words while I, as you know Kimi are from Finland. Everybody knows us, especially our obsession towards this sport. Damn, I miss this moment so much. That is actually the reason WHY I love, and keep on updated with this sport.

Don't care the dirt as long as he drive.

Don’t care the dirt as long as he drive or ride.

And now its getting worst *for me*. I can’t help it. Well, I just don’t care which team would won the game as long as it would be Kimi on the podium or if he doesn’t, I don’t care less. What matter is seeing him, and his passion toward this arena, even if its WRC or NASCAR, its just the same. Seeing him dealt with every situation amazed me. Unlike him before, where he just don’t give a damn towards the media, even seeing him smiling is hard enough than a five minutes interviews. He don’t care less about the media attention he received and seldom smiling, and the ‘Iceman’  nickname given by people really describe him well. He is not being arrogant (I am not protecting him though, even if I do) but he just trying to be who he really are. Don’t blame him to be so blunt and straight-forwards and honest. But what really matter is the performances he makes through his entire career.
Now, he seems a bit different. I think its because the age factor that makes his ‘surrender’ towards the medias hunger for his stories and obviously his successful comeback to Formula One racing. He is such a legend. Not even Schumi can beat him.
Can you feel the hunger?

Can you feel the hunger?

He never stop driving. Never. And I know it very much as its his passion since he was 3. Well, old habit die hard right? Unfortunately this post is aren’t about him, it’s only purpose is the reasonable cause of me being ‘away’. Forgive me. It is not my intention to do so but I just can’t think straight. And I have to balanced things I should post and what’s not. You know we can’t simply post everything right. Everybody needs theirs privacy and I can’t risk my life for that. Enough already. I’ve said too much and I really hope of frequent visit to this site more often as I seems to neglect my responsibilities *just kidding!* writes for you guys.. 
Legend in their own ways..

Legend in their own ways..

And there is one more thing. I’ve been learning a few Finnish language that I willingly to share with you..It goes..
Hyvää päivää.
Minun nimeni on Idawaty Rosili. Olen kaksikymmentäkaksi voutta vanha. Olen malesialainen. Hauska tutustua.
Well I just introduce myself, and a few basic introduction. I hope I got it right as I try to figure it out myself through YouTube and
 free course.
*And I don’t even ask Mr. Google to do it for me*
Till next time,
hauska tutustua

Live live to the fullest.

This is my quote of the day. Have fun, darling..(^_^)

Live live to the fullest….

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